And Then it Was Time to Go Back to School

I have spoken here before about how it has taken me a goodly while to reach the point where I could actually count myself as a fan of Wolverine. I have also mentioned that I am quite the fan of Jason Aaron in posts here before. But if you're new to my diatribes then let me eduficate you a touch. I've long been a fan of not only the writings of Mr. Jason Aaron but also of his incredible beard. I have also long counted myself among the dwindling few who thought that Wolverine was a bit overexposed considering that he wasn't really that cool a character. But as I mentioned in my last article X-Men: Schism was totally amazing and at it's conclusion we got what the book promised. And as a reader who has been around long enough to remember the first time there was a "Blue Team/Gold Team" split I can tell you that this one is far more interesting and not just because Wolverine is on one team and Cyclops is on the other team, but because it's actually a divide.

Jason Aaron has the helm of the new book on the block. Wolverine & The X-Men is a really and truly great book. Honestly. It's amazing. It's everything that I think a new reader fresh off having read ... Well ... Pretty much anything is going to want. The best part is that the book is welcoming the characters in as much as it is welcoming the readers. For people who have been looking for an in-road into the world of the X-Men or mutantkind as a whole you have bever had a better opportunity.

I'm deadly serious.

This might be Marvel's best #1 of the year.

And the art is downright amazing. Chris Bachalo has long been one of my very favorite artists. Mostly from his work on Generation X and later on Steampunk. For many people his work has often proved to be too chaotic for consumption and while that is, in many ways, one of the things I love most about his work he seems to be showing the kind of restraint that is characteristic of his work as of late. Click This Image ... Seriously ... NowPerhaps it is that he has adapted as an artist, perhaps it is that he is coloring his own work lately, perhaps it is that the inking team that he works with has become more familiar with his style and has better adapted to inking his work ... I don't know. All I can say is that people who may not have been fans in the past would do themselves a favor by checking out what he is doing currently as it is not only thrilling to fans of his as it is detractors.

In short. This is a seriously good book. 

Get on it.