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May, A Great Time to Be a Comic Book Fan - Part 1

Things are going to get crazy in May. There are 5 Wednesdays that month and it's the beginning of the big Summer (even though it's still Spring) push. Events in comics will be getting into swing, new series will begin, box office giants will hit the screens. And at the beginning of it all a whole bunch of free comics will be hitting the shelves. So while it might only be February as I write this it's still certainly time to start getting excited about what the month of May has to offer.

The obvious place to start is at the beginning of the month. 

The big things that will be going on during the whole of the month are pretty impactful and exciting. From Marvel we'll obviously have the big Avengers Vs X-Men event in it's second month and that is cause enough for excitement around the comic shelves but in addition we'll be getting more of the big Spider-Man event: Ends of the Earth which has been building for quite some time. From DC We'll be getting the first of their family crossover storylines with the Batman family going through The Hour of the Owls spinning out of the events of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman story. All three are bound to be spellbinding in their own ways, and while they are all exciting reasons to make May the month that you make sure not to miss a Wednesday things get even better from there. 

On May 2nd the following will also release:

Earth 2 #1: James Robinson and Nicola Scott will take us to Earth 2, home of the Justice Society of America and the first real exposure to the further changes that The New 52 will explore in the world where Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott all operate on the same team!

World's Finest #1: Paul Levitz and George Perez bring Power Girl and Huntress of Earth 2 to New Earth and leave them stranded here. We'll see what their presence on New Earth will do to shake things up!

Dial H #1: China Mieville and Mateus Santolouco bring the HERO dial back from obscurity and back to the forefront. Hugo Award winning Mieville brings his unique perspective on what would become of an everyman who could suddenly give himself superpowers.

G.I. Combat #1: Weird War adventures courtesy of J.T. Krul and Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti! War that Time Forgot finds Krul teaming with Ariel Olivetti to bring Dinosaurs vs Helicopters to life. Gray & Palmiotti team with Dan Panosian to bring The Unknown Soldier to Afghanistan!

Smallville Season 11 #1: Bryan Q. Miller and Pere Perez follow the successful route of bringing fan favorite television shows to the world of comics. If Miller's work on Batgirl is to be any indicator you can expect this one to knock your socks off!

Mystery in Space #1: The third Vertigo anthology of the last few years comes packed to the brim with works by Paul Pope, Kyle Baker, Michael Allred, Ming Doyle, and MORE!

Mind the Gap #1: Jim McCann's newest writing endeavor brings a thrilling attempted murder mystery to the forefront and with art by Mornging Glories cover artist Rodin Esquejo it should be one of the most beautiful books of the year and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Epic Kill #1: Raffaele Ienco pits an 18 year-old assassin against the President of the United States in his new incredibly over the top series Epic Kill. Every kill promises to be epic when Song takes her revenge on the man who killed her parents ... no matter how many hired killers and mercenaries stand in her way.

Venom #17: Cullen Bunn joins Rick Remender and Kev Walker to tell the tale of the birth of The Savage Six who will seek to destroy Venom at all costs!

Fury Max #1: Garth Ennis returns to his first MAX title with FURY MAX #1! Artist Goran Parlov brings Indochina to life and Garth Ennis will bring his unique sense of extreme to Nick Fury in the post-WWII era!

On May 4th we'll begin our Annual Free Comic Book Day Weekend Back Issue Sale and also Marvel Studio's The Avengers hits the big screen!

On May 5th Free Comic Book Day!!!

Next week: The 2nd and 3rd Weeks of May have even more to bring!