Signing With Cullen Bunn at South County Store (2/16/2011)

That's Right, Cullen Bunn signing The Fantasy Shop SoCo Wednesday to coincide with the release of his first issue of his Superman/Batman arc!
Superman/Batman #81
Written by CULLEN BUNN
"Sorcerer Kings" Part 1 of 4! Who is that weird Batman on the cover? What has happened to the Earth's sun? And how is it all connected to the mysterious armored figure that Shadowpact discovers in an abandoned factory outside Metropolis? Writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and artist ChrisCross (FIRESTORM) launch Superman and Batman on an utterly epic journey - one that will leave no corner of the DCU untouched!


Cullen has been a friend of The Fantasy Shop for years and we've held signings for his work in the past. But, this is perhaps his most high profile run with either of The Big 2. So, we're insanely happy to have him at the South County store from 5pm-9pm signing books and talking about what it's like working with characters like Superman & Batman, and what we can expect from his sorcery driven time travel yarn over the next 4 issues of Superman/Batman! 

So, come by, say hi, and talk with the man behind one of the hottest small press releases of last year (Sixth Gun ... what do you mean you aren't reading Sixth Gun yet? Get on it! NOW!!) and prepare to enjoy without hesitation "Sorceror Kings"!