Space Hulk

Space Hulk Still Available at Fantasy Shop!

Just a Portion of What Still RemainsYes it's sold out at the manufacturer. Yes it's not available from distributors any longer. Yes it's sold out almost everywhere.

But we still have copies of SPACE HULK in stock at our stores. 

A small print run of these completely amazing box sets were made by Games Workshop and if you look on eBay you'll see that the demand is high as almost all of the sold copies there have gone for well over retail price (Most often for up to $30 Over MSRP!). But your local Fantasy Shop still has it in stock, and at the original asking price of $99.00! Some might call it luck, some might call it foresight, some might call it a solemn pact with the darker forces in the world ... we just call it smart stocking. 

We knew that this was going to be the kind of item that geeks the world over were going to be excited about and that more than likely there were going to be a lot of disappointed little fanboys come Christmas day. So we decided that it would probably be in our best interest to really stock the shelves with one of the hottest and most difficult to find gaming releases of 2009 and make sure we had enough come the Holidays.

So tell your friends, loved ones, family, that when they go looking for SPACE HULK for you this Holiday season to start their search at The Fantasy Shop, they won't have to look much further!