SSaint Charles

Worldwake Is Coming!

Zendikar is widely considered to be the most exciting new set since Time Spiral and certainly when paired with the excitement and success of Magic 2010 it is without question that we are in a new and interesting age of Magic: The Gathering. Well with Worldwake on it's way it is certainly time to start reevaluating the upper limit of our ability to be excited as some of the cards they have revealed are downright thrilling ... and that's just the cards they've revealed! Building on Zendikar's deceptively powerful Landfall as well as the tribal mechanics that permeate through the sets and the introduction of the Sliver/Rebels/Mercenaries style creatures known (and feared) as Allies it certainly seems that there is ample reason to be excited about where Magic: The Gathering is headed. With the announcement that the third set of Zendikar block will also be the size of a Base Set instead of an Expansion Set certainly also seems to indicate that the Ladies and Gentleman at Wizards of the Coast are going to try and see just how much they can play around with preconceived notions of what we've come to expect when it comes to M:TG. Worldwake includes new variations on Landfall as well as interesting new cards in every color as well as perhaps the first immediately competitively playable Legendary Rare. The PreRelease is this weekend (1/30 & 1/31) and with 6 Sealed events, One 2 Headed Giant event, and Booster Drafts all weekend long on the docket it certainly seems like it might be time to head out to Saint Charles and get a good long look at the newest addition to the Magic Family. For More Details on start times and pricing either click on the Events Calendar link to your right or CLICK HERE. What follows is just a sampling of the cards that will make their debut next weekend: