Project Comic Con 2

A Saint Louis Comic Convention?

I know right? Saint Louis is not necessarily known for it's Comic Conventions. "Comic Shows"? Sure. If you want a bunch of guys looking to sell off back issues in a Ramada Inn ballroom or Union Hall on a random Saturday or Sunday then look no further! Saint Louis is bursting at the seams with those. But actual Comic Conventions with a guest list and a schedule of panel discussions ... those haven't been really part of the Saint Louis landscape for quite some time. 

Until last year.

It was a fairly inconspicuous debut. The kind of thing that we've seen go off a few times in the past (Red K One Day and Royalfest being the most recent examples) but there was a buzz in the air and a kind of enthusiasm at the first Project Comic Con last June. And I was there to witness it. Fantasy Shop had a table at the show and with the aid of fellow ComicDorksCast host Darren Orf and Maplewood Manager Sean Hook we watched as a pretty impressive crowd wandered in through the doors to see the likes of Ale Garza, Joe Benitez, Chris Samnee, Billy Tan, & Kevin Mellon as well as a slew of vendors selling everything from dollar back issues to role playing material. It was a pretty darn good time had by all and I remember thinking: "Now let's see if they can do it again next year."

And they are.

That's right! Project Comic Con 2 is this coming weekend (9/18 & 9/19) and not only are they doing the convention again this year but they have upgraded to a 2 day show and have a bigger venue. The show will be from 9am til 6pm on Saturday and 12 noon til 5pm on Sunday. And growth like that always seems pretty promising. The guest list is pretty impressive and The Fantasy Shop will be in attendance as well.

Fantasy Shop will be at table B3 and will be doing HOURLY raffles all weekend! That's right, we'll be raffling off awesome variant covers and other awesome material (maybe even a statue or 2) through out the weekend. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1 a piece or $5 for 6 tickets. Also every attendee will be given a free raffle ticket with entry. So come by the table and press your luck!

The Guest List can be found HERE and includes some pretty awesome names including some local greats. Chief among the big draws are going to be Patrick Gleason (Current artist on Brightest Day and soon to be ongoing artist on Batman & Robin & more), Ryan Ottley (Artist of Invincible, Haunt, and perhaps most importantly Grizzly Shark), Jamal Igle (Artist of Supergirl and upcoming artist on Birds of Prey & more), Gail Simone (Writer of Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, & Welcome to Tranquility), Howard Chaykin (all around Comics Legend and writer artist of American Flagg! & Blackhawk writer of Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser, Batman: Thrillkiller, Bite Club, Son of Superman, & more), Ethan Van Sciver (Artist of Green Lantern: Rebirth, Flash: Rebirth & more), as well as Adam Kubert (Saturday Only). Also there are some great Missouri creators who will be in attendance at the show: Matt KindtBrian HurttCullen BunnKevin Mellon, Jeremy Haun, Rick Burchett, and that's not even all the creators who will be in attendance!

So make sure to be there, and make sure to get into one of the raffles ... cause who knows what you might win!