HeroClix Makes a Thunderous Return

It's been over a year since a new release of one of the most popular superhero based collectible games has graced the shelves. WizKids had been bought by Topps all the way back in 2003 and the two had shared quite a bit of success as well as their own fair share of failures. Things for HeroClix seemed to really hitting an excellent stride as of the summer of 2007 and the beginning of some really cool organized play events that concluded with an overall winner receiving a really cool larger figure (Galactus for the Marvel event that summer and Starro for the DC event that summer). Things seemed to be clicking along at a good pace and then in November of 2008 Topps made an announcement, that the economic downturn had effected them more than they had expected and that they were going to cease production of all of their WizKids products. Almost immediately there were rumors spreading like wildfire that the successful gaming representation of all of our favorite superheroes would find a new home elsewhere. By May 2009 it was looking even more likely, but suddenly Topps started thinking that they might just release the much anticipated Hammer of Thor set themselves under the Topps brand name. But that didn't happen either. And a bunch of guys who had been working at WizKids washed up on the shores of NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) and released the Chariot of Thor at GenCon over the summer and that pretty much sealed up the deal and we were all just waiting to see the release of the set finally. Back in September NECA officially acquired the rights and the assets of HeroClix from Topps and now Hammer of Thor is finally on the shelf and it is flying out the door! The Saint Charles Location already has an Organized Play group set up for Monday Nights at 6pm (see the events calendar for more details). What's next for HeroClix? DC's Brave & The Bold has it's sights set on a February release!