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Magic Core Set 2013 Pre-Release Information

Thus endeth the era of Titans ... er, well ... at least it signals the endeth. Cause they won't rotate out until October when Return to Ravnica releases. But this is the set that will begin to shade in the colors of the new format. All 4 locations will be holding Pre-releases for Magic 2013 and if you want to learn more about the times and details for each of those events you need to check out Facebook. We've got some event pages that you can check out that unveil more of the information concerning start times, entry prices, and more information that you'll want to know if you want to attend these great events.

Saint Charles: Information concerning the entire weekend's events can be found HERE

South County: Midnight Event Information can be found HERE. Saturday's Event information can be found HERE

Florissant: Saturday Event information can be found HERE

Maplewood: Saturday Event information can be found HERE

These events are going to be awesome and you know you'll want to get in on the action. Check in the stores for more information concerning prize structures as well as special events. Also, you'll want to make sure you get your hands on this bad-mama-jama: