Jason O'Toole

How I Met The Doctor (Oh, And St. Louis Comic Con)

Wizard World Comic Con returned to St. Louis this past weekend with a vengeance. It was an awesome celebration of all things nerdy. Attendance was high as were my spirits as I stepped onto the convention floor. It was total sensory overload from the retail tables to the cosplay. Several local vendors were on hand with comics, graphic novels, collectibles and all the nerdy things that I love.

The first place I stopped on my journey through the sea of people was the artist alley as they called it. This was where all the creator booths were set up. I had taken with me several things to get signed by some of my favorite artists that were present. Most notably Greg Capullo for which I hade taken three new 52 Batman comics to get signed. Approaching Greg I have to say he has the look of someone you would see at a rock concert rather than a comic convention. Next, I stopped by Ethan Van Sciver's table with a few comics. He seemed like a very down to earth guy who wanted to be there more than I did. Finally, I had some things for Salvador Larocca to deface. I dug deep into the comic collection and found my copy of Heroes Reborn: The Return #1 for which Salvador did the art. His reaction upon seeing a comic he had done back in 1997 was hilarious. He laughed and told me that I was the only one who bothered to buy this book. Upon telling him I liked it quite a bit when I was a teenager he reacted by saying I was definitely the only one who liked it. We both shared a good nostalgic laugh. With my signature time done it was time to move on to what was easily the highlight of the day for me.

Over the loud speaker at the convention hall came an announcement that informed me that Matt Smith (The Doctor) was signing at his booth and their was no line. The fanboy in me drove me to migrate over to where this was happening just to get a look at the man. Once I arrived there though that same fanboy in me was pushing me to spend the hundred dollars necessary to get closer to that man. I did not have the funds necessary to make this dream a reality. Luckily for me a wonderful woman who loves me very much could not let me walk away without meeting one of my personal heroes. I do not usually get nervous meeting celebrities but this was the doctor. While waiting in line I had mentally prepared so many things that I was going to say and as I approached Matt Smith all of those things were lost to me. When I finally did make it to the front of the line he greeted me with that smooth British accent we have come to know and love as fans. As nervous as I was all I managed to say was "you're awesome" to which he graciously thanked me for saying. I shook his hand and then it was over. In closing I just want to make it clear that the saying never meet your heroes does not apply to me. All in all it was a great show and I look forward to going back next year to make more of my nerd fantasies a reality.

Special thanks to Mike Brodeur, The Fantasy Shop, and my beautiful girlfriend Corrie for helping me to fulfill a dream.