Halloween Costume Contest Winners

And The Winners Are ...

Sorry it took so long to get to this, things have been crazy with everything that's been going on at the Fantasy Shops as of late and we had a bunch of votes to comb through. But you're not here for my apologies you're here for the winners:

In the 13 and older Category:

1st Place: Spider-Man & Black Cat

2nd Place: Deadpool














In the Under 12 Category:

1st Place: The Wizard of Oz Triplets

2nd Place: Red Robin

Winners From All Over the Place!

We had a few contests last month and we had a few raffles and we had a bunch of winners! Here are some of the spectacular winners of the Fantasy Shop Raffles & Costume Contests from October:

At our Florissant store Aaron drew Justin Ream's name and he won a Walking Dead Compendium.



At our South County store we had two raffles, one was for a signed, sketched copy of Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth which was won by Joe Eggers and a copy of Last Night on Earth which was won by Walter Sawicki.



At our Saint Charles store we had Brian Hammond win a copy of Zombie State and there was the Halloween costume contest where Phil won as the cover to Deadpool #9 and Taylor, Conner, & Ryen won as the Peanuts kids.








And at all of our locations we were running raffles that contributed to a $500 Shopping Spree. At our Saint Charles store we had St. Louis Rams player Chris Massey and the winner was Warren Jackson!








Thanks to everyone who participated! Keep your eyes open for the next raffles and contests because at The Fantasy Shop we're always announcing winners!


First we want to thank everyone who was involved in the costume contest as there were some really astoundingly well put together costumes this year and we hope that they will put as much effort and love in to next year's contest as we plan on making this an annual thing (hence the 2nd Annual). We were really blown away by both the quality of the costumes and the turnout for the voting. There were over three times the number of votes cast for this year's contest as there were for last year. I think that everyone should give themselves a big round of applause and a nice firm pat on the back before we announce our winners ... really go ahead ... alright, now that everyone is in the spirit of congratulations, our top three vote getters for the General Category and our top 3 vote getters for the Youth Category are as follows: 

1st Place goes to Tony as The Ghost Buster2nd Place goes to Dan as Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans












3rd Place goes to Blake as The Mindflayer1st Place (Youth Category) goes to Conner, Taylor & Ryan as The Red Hot Chili Peppers 




 It was really fun to have everyone wandering around in costume carrying comics and we definitely want to make this a part of the Fantasy Shop Calendar, but in order to do that you all will have to keep wowing us with your costumes!







2nd Place goes to Anne as Zatanna3rd Place goes to Ahmad as The Green Reaper

Once again we want to thank all the participants and everyone who took the time to vote in the contest. We really want to make next year even better so get thinking about what you're going to put together and then get started! Let's see if we can have some repeat champions for next year!