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Warhammer 40K Toys for Tots Tournament

Getting excited for Christmas, well not everyone has as many toys as us but here is a chance to give back.

St. Charles Fantasy Shop will be hosting a Warhammer 40k 1000 Point Tournament to sponsor a toy drive for Toys for Tots.

When: Dec 7th
Time: Sign in at 11:00 to 11:30 Dice should start rolling at 12:00
What you need: 1000 Point army from a current codex of Warhammer 40k
Cost: You must bring a BRAND NEW toy in its packaging worth $15

Event details:
-3 Rounds of 40k Goodness
-Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Painted and multiple attendance prizes
-Games Workshop and Fantasy Shop will be providing $500 worth of prize support for this tournament that will be spread out for Overall Scoring and Raffle items for just attending.
-Gateway Gamers will be providing two 5 man squads of MK 4 Heresy Style Marines that will be raffled off throughout the day.
-Lunch is also being provided to all those that participate.

Sign ups
This is very important that we get people to sign up for this event ahead of time. We have 50 spots available. So all participants who sign up prior to Dec 4th will get a swag bag provided by Gateway Gamers that will include $10 minimum worth of bases and scenery pieces.
Click this link to see additional details and to sign up


Game Day #50

Date: Saturday December 14th, 2013
Time: NOON – 11 PM
Where: The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO
Cost:  $20

What you get for your money:
•    Access to over 300 games to play, table space, and plenty of players to play against.
•    Lunch – Subs from Mr. Goodcents
•    Dinner – Pizza from Pizza Hut
•    Snacks – Candy, cookies, chips, veggies, soda, juice, water, etc – available all day!
•    Door prizes – Quantities are DOUBLED for the holiday edition!  Door prizes given out at 3 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.
•    Raffle tickets – Everyone who attends receives 6 raffle tickets – additional raffle tickets can be purchased ($1 per ticket, or 6 for $5) – Raffles quantities will also be DOUBLED!  Raffle drawings will take place at 8 PM.    
•    The first 125 people who sign up get to choose an ornament from our Christmas tree.  Each ornament will contain a gift certificate ($5- $100) and some other surprise gifts.
•    Each participant will receive a $5 coupon for use in the shop that day – minimum $25 purchase.
•    Everyone who attends is welcome to bring a game (or games) they would like to play or just come and learn a new game.

"Do You Guys Carry Games Workshop?" "Yes, Yes We Do!"

It's been a few months now that all of our stores have carried Games Workshop again and we still get the regular question: "Do you guys carry Games Workshop anymore?", and an even more regular occurrence is when someone comes into the store and says "You guys carry GW again?!?!". But, yes we do all carry a wide assortment of GW products again and we are going to make sure that the stock on our shelves stays fresh and updated with regularity as well as making sure that we always have the kind of things in stock that you'd need to get a brand new army off the ground. 

And all the Fantasy Shop Locations will be buying used Games Workshop Miniatures and we will be beginning a "Spare Bits" program at the Saint Charles Store. At any of the four Fantasy Shop locations you will be able to trade in your old Games Workshop Miniatures for Cash or Store Credit. Plastic Miniatures will be bought for 25 Cents a piece and Pewter Miniatures will be bought for 50 Cents a piece with larger miniatures like Tanks/Dreadnoughts/Giants and whatnot being bought for $1-$2 depending on the miniature. Those are the cash prices for the miniatures though if you want Store Credit for the miniatures you can get 30% more for your minis. And coming very soon we will have a random bits program at the Saint Charles Store! That's right there will be boxes of random bits that you can pick through and get 25 Cents a piece. But if you're looking to get rid of old beat up minis or spare bits that have been cluttering up your miniatures case, then come on in!

Space Hulk Still Available at Fantasy Shop!

Just a Portion of What Still RemainsYes it's sold out at the manufacturer. Yes it's not available from distributors any longer. Yes it's sold out almost everywhere.

But we still have copies of SPACE HULK in stock at our stores. 

A small print run of these completely amazing box sets were made by Games Workshop and if you look on eBay you'll see that the demand is high as almost all of the sold copies there have gone for well over retail price (Most often for up to $30 Over MSRP!). But your local Fantasy Shop still has it in stock, and at the original asking price of $99.00! Some might call it luck, some might call it foresight, some might call it a solemn pact with the darker forces in the world ... we just call it smart stocking. 

We knew that this was going to be the kind of item that geeks the world over were going to be excited about and that more than likely there were going to be a lot of disappointed little fanboys come Christmas day. So we decided that it would probably be in our best interest to really stock the shelves with one of the hottest and most difficult to find gaming releases of 2009 and make sure we had enough come the Holidays.

So tell your friends, loved ones, family, that when they go looking for SPACE HULK for you this Holiday season to start their search at The Fantasy Shop, they won't have to look much further!