Geoff Johns Makes Things Dangerous Fast

Geoff Johns has long been the kind of guy who has written the kinds of comics that I long to read. The kind of stuff that makes me feel like the world of super heroes is more than just a genre but an artistic format. He makes me want to write better and more often than not he just plain makes me want to write. I first encountered his work on a book that most people probably aren't even aware that he wrote. It was the summer of 2002 and I hadn't yet started working for The Fantasy Shop but I had inklings that I might be getting the chance. I was living in Saint Charles for the summer after my Sophomore year of college at Lindenwood and I had wanted to get back into more of the stuff that Marvel was publishing since I was trying to get a job working for a comic store and thought that it might be in my best interest to be a little more aware of the whole of the comics industry and not just concern myself with the goings on of smaller press concerns and what little DC I was buying at the time. So I checked out 2 mutant books, an X-Factor miniseries written by Jeff Jensen, whom I have not seen anything published by since, and a Morlocks miniseries written by Geoff Johns ... who has since become one of the most important comic writers in the history of the business.

I would then go on to find out about his work on JSA and later Flash and by then I was in love with his narrative style, his skill with mystery, and his grasp of the characters he chose to tackle. This is still way before he ever became the Event writer that he has become today, but I think that his work with a wide variety of characters went a long way to prove that he was going to be the kind of writer that would someday take the world by storm.

It was his Flash run that would wind up enamoring most people to his work. And when he left The Flash everything kind of wandered around in a bit of a mire. Once he returned to the book people started getting excited again and while some delays have occurred because of things here and there it has maintained the kind of excitement that most people would expect around a Geoff Johns book.

While many people may be saying that they don't get why there needs to be a Flash-centric event right now I can assure you that this isn't really a Flash event so much as it is a Geoff Johns event. This is Geoff Johns writing an episode of The Outer Limits in the DC Universe. And I must admit it was pretty freaking cool. Add to it that you've got Andy Kubert drawing the interiors and that they're far enough ahead on the book that we shouldn't see any delays and you're in the right kind of mindset to understand just how cool this book is going to be.

And it's going to be really, really cool.

The world is different from that which we know and in so many more ways than one might have imagined. Seriously you are all going to want to check this book out. It's going to be the kind of fun that a Summer event should be. Honestly. It's the kind of thing that might have an impact on the DCU after it's all over but that should really be left by the wayside. We're talking about a book that's going to be really fun to read, really creative, innovative, and is going to challenge a lot of your preconceptions about what kind of stories Geoff Johns wants to tell you.