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Tony's California Adventure: San Diego 2012 - And Here We Go

Hello everyone, and welcome to the beginning of my coverage of this year's San Diego Comic Con International! My name is Tony Randazzo, and this is my third straight year attending the convention. I've been shopping at The Fantasy Shop for 7 years now and have regaled the Florissant store with stories of panels that's attended, costumes that's saw, and autographs that I received. Rick asked me about documenting my experience this year for the site, so here we are!

When I'm asked to describe my experiences over the last two, I can only boil it down to one description. 

Sensory Overload. 

It is absolutely insane. Seriously. But enough on that. This year's show is promising a lot of big news updates about what the next step for DC Comics' re-launch, announcements on what to expect from Marvel Now!, and of course, announcements and information for new comic related movies along with video games, other movies, and television shows. 

The type of coverage that I will be providing will mostly come from the exhibition floor and the DC panels. Yeah, I'm a DC guy. I'm still planning on visiting Marvel's booth to see the Iron Man suits from the movies and whatnot, but you'll see mostly breaking DC news. Of course, I'll be scouring the exhibition floor for autographs for the 40+ books I brought with me and art prints and sketches from artists' booths and from artists' alley. I'll also be trying to nab any exclusive figures I can track down. 

In all, it's looking to be another sensory overload, but that's where the fun of it comes in! I'll be sharing not just words, but lots of photos from my experience for all to see. And maybe I can avoid bumping into Rich Johnston and accidentally leaking news to him while on the phone. Whoops. 

Keep checking in throughout the next five days to follow my journey through geek heaven, and make sure to check back tonight for my report on tonight's Preview Night. Until then, I'm taking a nap and getting recharged. Adios!