Great Games for Gifts this Holiday Season!

With the Holidays approaching it is a great time to bring the family together and play a fun board game. Now if you are like me you are very competitive and don’t like to lose. So playing games with your family can be hard because everyone tries to gang up on you and play the “I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Josh” game. That all changed though once I started working here and discovered the magic of cooperative board games. So this year I thought I might go ahead and recommend some of my favorite cooperative board games to all of you in order to save you some frustration and just have some good holiday fun. 


Escape (The Curse of The Temple)

This game is for the people who need just a fast and fun game to play with your family this holiday season. It is a real time 10 minute dice rolling board game. You are all basically treasure hunters trying escape before you are locked away in this temple forever. This game is great for beginners or more advanced players because it comes with three different difficulty settings. As I said before it’s a dice rolling game and you move and discover rooms and try and unlock the door to get out by rolling the correct type of dice needed to complete the goal. In this game if you go off by yourself there is a good chance you will lock up your dice and be stuck so you have to work together and if all of you don’t make it out then you all lose.  It’s quick, crazy and fun a great game for everyone. 


This game takes a little more skill to master than the first one on my list. You all play different roles in a global outbreak of multiple diseases. Everyone has to work together to try and cure all of them before things get too bad and the world is taken over by disease. To do this you must move around to different cities and uses your allotted actions per turn to try and do what is best each round to control the outbreaks. This game also has different difficulties but like I said before it’s pretty hard. You should be prepared to lose but the better you guys get as a team the more likely you will be able to come up with a strategy to be the best disease busters you can be. It also has two expansions available that add new roles and new diseases and even a solo mode to the game.


Elder Sign

Elder Sign is set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft where each of you plays as a different investigator with a special power to help you lock away an old one (evil bad guy like Cthulhu) by finding the elusive elder signs within a museum. This is another type of dice rolling game where you move your character to one of the rooms in the museum and try and complete all the tasks shown on the particular card. By completing these tasks you can get special items or clues to help you do things easier. It’s a really fun game that really makes you think as a group on which rooms to tackle first and who should do what in order to stop the old one from rising. 

 Betrayal at the House on the Hill

This last game is kind of cooperative and kind of competitive but it’s my favorite game so we are going to talk about it. This game is kind of like Scooby-Doo meets Cabin in the Woods. You are all a bunch of explorers who kind of know each other and you heard about this haunted house and decide to go look at it. It’s a tile flipping game so you build the house as you explore each room. So you all start off looking in rooms and weird stuff happens some good some bad and then sometime during the game you find out one of you is a traitor (it’s totally random based on the room someone is in and what card was drawn).  Then the traitor sometimes will get monsters to help them or sometime is super boosted in their power.  So the survivors must work together to stop the traitor and the traitor is trying to get the survivors.  There are 50 different scenarios in this game so its replay ability is very good. I love this game and have gotten all of my friends hooked.

With all of these games if you have any questions about them feel free to ask anyone at The Fantasy Shops around town. Or better yet come visit me at the South County Store on a slow day and bring some friends and I can show y’all how to play. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Holiday.