Blackest Friday

Man ... Were You at the Blackest Friday Moonlight Sale?

We just wanted to say that if you didn't make it out to one of the stores for the Blackest Friday Moonlight Sale then you missed out! It was one of the more successful events of recent memory with all of the stores having great attendance and lots of people getting a great deal on some of their favorite comics and games. We decided this year that with Blackest Night going on and all that we should try to connect it to the all important "Black Friday" sales that the rest of the retail world tries to cash in by giving you Blenders for $3 or Flat Screen Televisions for $500 off ... or whatever it is that they do. But since everywhere else is trying to get you out of bed at like 4am in order to get the kind of sales that they offer for that limited time and all we decided that it might be better for you all to have a reason to go out late on Friday night as well. So from 11pm Friday night until 1am Saturday morning (a whole 2 hours) we opened our doors and had 20% off everything in the store and further discounts on select items depending on which store you decided to visit. At our Flagship store in Saint Charles more than 300 people filed in and stood in line to get some of the best deals in town on the biggest sales day of the year! And we just wanted as well to thank everyone who made it out last Friday night to make the sale such a huge success, without you it would have just been turning the lights on for 2 hours for no good reason. We plan on having another Moonlight Sale again in the not so distant future (but telling you when right now would just be cheating!) so make sure to keep an eye on the events calendar!

Also on the events calendar you should take note that we're having another Game Day on Saturday December 12th and a Used Gaming Auction in January 22nd - 24th (though we are accepting material from the 14th through the 19th). So make sure that you're checking out the Events Calendar as we roll into the new calendar year and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate far too much turkey!