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Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 6th, 2017!

Free Comic Book Day is just around the corner, and all four of our Fantasy Shop Locations will be celebrating!

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Each store has unique and fun activities scheduled all day long on Saturday, as well as hosting our annual back issue sale the whole weekend! 

Check out the Facebook events for all our locations for more details!

St. Charles:

Creve Coeur:


South County: 

6th Annual Halloween Back Issue Sale!!!

Back Issue Sale, October 25th, 26th, and 27th
@ Saint Charles Location

Make room on your shelves to give a great home to a good comic! The 6th Annual Fantasy Shop Halloween Back Issue Sale is this weekend! That means the St. Charles location will have their regular stock of back issues (priced $10 or less) for just $1 a piece AND have all the warehouse stock out on the floor and priced at just $0.25 a piece! We have tens of thousands of back issues to look through! Show up in costume during the Saint Charles Sale and get $5.00 in FREE BOOKS! That's 20 FREE comics!  Just for showing up in costume (The Fantasy Shop Employees hold the right to determine what is, and isn't a costume).


Free Comic Book Day 2012

Let me start by saying that this was the best back issue sale I have been to since I started working for the Fantasy Shop.  There was a huge crowd waiting for us to open our doors at eleven o'clock.  The crowd reached from the front door of St Charles to Pizza Hut down the strip mall.

We had tons of books for everyone to choose from, the line to check out was super long, but everyone was is great spirits all day.  New friendships were made back in the quarter bins as people helped each other find books to complete their collections.

We had Batman, Batgirl, and Supergirl on hand to meet fans and take pictures.  I didn't take as many pictures of the excitement as I wanted too, but that's the price of being busy helping people find awesome comics! 

If you want to see more pictures from the St Charles sale, swing on over to our Facebook page and check them out!

And be sure to check out the other shops' pages as well!  They should all have pictures and/ or reviews of the weekend's events within a few days as well.

Back Issue Sale THIS WEEKEND!

You read that right! The 4th Annual Fantasy Shop Halloween Back Issue Sale is this weekend! That means that all 4 locations will have their regular stock back issues (priced $10 or less) for just $1 a piece! The Saint Charles store will have all the warehouse stock out on the floor and priced at just $0.25 a piece!

And, once again, if you come into the stores dressed in costume you can enter the costume contest (with a 13 and older category and a 12 and under category) AND get $5 in FREE back issues! That's 20 comics at the Saint Charles store! 20 FREE COMICS! Just for showing up in costume (The Fantasy Shop Employees hold the right to determine what is, and isn't a costume). 

Free Comic Book Day & Back Issue Sale

That's right folks! Today starts the first 30th Anniversary Back Issue Sale at all 4 locations of The Fantasy Shop! Friday May 6th, Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th each store will be selling their regular stock back issues ($9.99 and under) for just 30¢ a piece!

And at the Saint Charles store they'll be pulling out all the warehouse back issues and selling them for 30¢ a piece Friday and Saturday (Not to mention the fact that they'll be open from 11am Friday until Midnight Saturday night [That's right you can shop for back issues for 37 HOURS straight if you want to]). And then on Sunday they'll drop the price to 10¢ a piece on the warehouse stock and open from 9am until they decide to shut the doors!

And if that wasn't enough reason to make it out to the Fantasy Shop this weekend then Tomorrow (Saturday May 7th) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! 

So come out, get some super cheap back issues, and enjoy FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

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Halloween Back Issue Sale & Costume Contest!

This was the fattest kid that Cap saved from Germany ... he kept shouting "Ich liebe das Gebäck"We want to thank all of you for coming out to the back issue sale over the weekend. It was another resounding success and we're always glad to see some of our back issues find a new and loving home. As per usual we had our Annual Costume Contest to coincide with the Back Issue sale and we had some great entrants again this year! Please head over to the galleries to check out the contestants and vote for your favorite costume in the General Category and the 13 & Under Category. 


We've also got tons of great photos from the sale! Be sure to check them out so you'll know what you can look forward to next time around!

The General Category Contestants

The 13 & Under Contestants

The Photos from the Sale

Voting has closed.

Don't Forget About This Weekend's 3rd Annual Halloween Back Issue Sale


The Fantasy Shop Comics & Games Presents 3rd Annual Halloween Back Issue Sale

Friday October 29th, Saturday October 30th, & Sunday October 31st

Saint Charles Location 

11:00 AM – Midnight Friday & Saturday 

Noon – 5pm on Sunday

We’ll be bringing out tens of thousands of unorganized Warehouse stock and selling each book for 25¢ a piece! 

We’ll also be holding our 3rd annual costume contest with prizes to be given after voting is held. The contest will be held on our website after in the week following. Show up in costume and get $5 in Free Back Issues*!

Also! Each store (including the Saint Charles Store) will be selling their regular stock back issues for $1.00 a Piece! In addition to sales to be announced at each individual store!

AND Don't forget to get your raffle tickets!

*Fantasy Shop Employees hold the Right to right to determine what defines a costume.


First we want to thank everyone who was involved in the costume contest as there were some really astoundingly well put together costumes this year and we hope that they will put as much effort and love in to next year's contest as we plan on making this an annual thing (hence the 2nd Annual). We were really blown away by both the quality of the costumes and the turnout for the voting. There were over three times the number of votes cast for this year's contest as there were for last year. I think that everyone should give themselves a big round of applause and a nice firm pat on the back before we announce our winners ... really go ahead ... alright, now that everyone is in the spirit of congratulations, our top three vote getters for the General Category and our top 3 vote getters for the Youth Category are as follows: 

1st Place goes to Tony as The Ghost Buster2nd Place goes to Dan as Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans












3rd Place goes to Blake as The Mindflayer1st Place (Youth Category) goes to Conner, Taylor & Ryan as The Red Hot Chili Peppers 




 It was really fun to have everyone wandering around in costume carrying comics and we definitely want to make this a part of the Fantasy Shop Calendar, but in order to do that you all will have to keep wowing us with your costumes!







2nd Place goes to Anne as Zatanna3rd Place goes to Ahmad as The Green Reaper

Once again we want to thank all the participants and everyone who took the time to vote in the contest. We really want to make next year even better so get thinking about what you're going to put together and then get started! Let's see if we can have some repeat champions for next year!

A Great Halloween Weekend For One and All

Empty Boxes Abound at Every Back Issue SaleWell we had another of our famous Back Issue Sales this weekend and if you didn't make it by one of the stores then I assure you that you missed out. Plenty of people were out in droves filling holes in their collections (those were the people wandering around with lists or referring to laptops throughout the weekend) as well as trying out all kind of new stuff that they never thought they needed but at Twenty Five Cents a Piece it was just too difficult to pass up. I think that every back issue sale is analogous to going to the grocery store hungry, you always wind up coming home with stuff that you don't remember putting in your basket and stuff that you don't even know if you'll like but it's always a satisfying experience. Most importantly we had ourselves another Costume Contest that we're going to ask all of you to vote on (Please only one vote per person). If you want to take a look at some pictures from the sale then click HERE. That's also where you'll go to find all of the contestants in our 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Once you've decided on who you want to win the General Category and the Under 13 Category just drop us a line with your votes as well as your name HERE. These people went to a lot of work (some more than others [WOW did we get some cool costumes this year]) *Addendum - The voting will be open until Tuesday November the 10th 

Voting has ended.