The Guild = Comic'd

The Knights of Good are coming to your favorite comic store and we'll finally learn how Codex first encountered the World's Most Popular Fantasy MMORPG ... which shall remain nameless ... *wink*. If you're unfamiliar with The Guild then what you should really do is head over to and get started with season one episode one. You won't regret it. Really, go watch. Alright, now that it is several hours later and you've watched all three seasons and probably rewatched a few favorites you probably understand why The Guild has won so many awards (2007 YouTube Video Award – Best Series, 2008 South by Southwest Greenlight Award – Best Original Production, 2008 Yahoo! Video Award – Best Series, 2009 Streamy Awards – Best Comedy Web Series, Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series, Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series [Felicia Day]) and why it's eventual translation into the world of comics seemed so obvious to so many of it's fans.

The series follows Cyd Sherman (a.k.a. Codex), played by Felicia Day who also created and writes the show, as she sits at her computer and plays a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game with her Guildmates "The Knights of Good " whom (as of the first episode) she had never met in person. The series is incredibly funny and very sharply written with really great and rather memorable characters and even more memorable and great lines and scenes (Doorstep'd).

With the recent Dr. Horrible One Shot that was released from Dark Horse, which also starred Felicia Day, it seemed like only a matter of time before the internet sensation found it's way to either the printed page or the screens of televisions the world over ... but I suppose rather than getting cancelled by FOX that the minds behind The Guild decided that it would be better to just go straight to comics.

The first issue (which comes out tomorrow, 3/24) starts before the events of the series and shows us what Cyd was up to before she became Codex, The Healer. The translation from webisode to comic is nearly seamless as we get the familiar Cyd speaking to Webcam framing sequence from the show (a duty she has been tasked to do by her therapist). Felicia Day also writes the comic and has either read a lot of comics, received some sagelike advice from her former director Joss Whedon (she also starred in several episodes of Whedon's most recent foray into television, Dollhouse), or just has a really good handle on how to write for comics as opposed to for the screen. Along with the really great and funny writing is really spot on art from Jim Rugg (who has drawn several other great comics including: One Model Nation, Plain Janes [and it's sequel Janes in Love], Street Angel, and Afrodisiac) who brings just the right mix of actor accurate representation and really great cartooning. During scenes where the action is taking place in the "Game World" there is an interesting choice made where the characters and backgrounds become even more rendered by Rugg and seem somehow more real than the scenes that take place in the real world. It's a funny device that gives you a good insight into the characters.

This is really one of the more entertaining times I have had reading a comic in a while and by that I mean that I was smiling or laughing throughout most of the reading and am gleefully awaiting the next issue. I don't know if there is a better compliment a book can receive than the reader being really excited to see what happens next, so take that for what you will.