Fantasy Shop St Charles Presents: International Table Top Day

Celebrate Table Top’s anniversary in true gamer fashion: by playing games.

 We will kick off the festivities March 30th at 11 AM with games, food, and the live stream of Table Top.

 Like Wil Wheaton, we will be awarding winners though out the day.  Only our prizes are better than a piece of tape with your name on it.  We will run four games during the day (at noon, 3 PM, 6PM, and 9 PM), and the winner gets the game they just played!  Sign up sheets will be posted at the entry table the day of the event. Seating is limited for demo to win games, so sign up early!

 If you don’t get a seat at the demo to win tables, don’t worry.  We will be running a bunch of smaller raffles during the day for gift certificates and smaller games.

 Fantasy Shop staff will be on hand to answer questions and teach games.

 As an added bonus, if you participate in International Table Top Day, you will get a coupon for $5 off your entry of our regular Board Game Day on April 13th.

 If you have any questions, contact the store via our Facebook page: