The Fantasy Shop is Proud to Present ...

Sunday October 14th

Format: Standard 

Registration: 9:00am 

Event Begins: 10:00am 

Entry Fee: $25.00 

Swiss pairings with a cut to Top 8 

  • K-Value: 24

  • Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

  • Players are Responsible for knowing all DCI Rules

  • Deck Lists are required for Events of this Rules Enforcement Level

  • Players must bring the following: Pen, Paper, Card Sleeves, and appropriate Counters

 Come prove you're the best in the state of Missouri!

Prizes will be based on attendance.

Each player in the top half of the field will receive prizes.

The prize pool will consist of 3 Boosters of Return to Ravnica per participating Player.

In addition to product prizes Top 8 Competitors will receive:

Commemorative Championship Playmat

In addition to Product Prizes and Top 8 Prizes Champion will receive:

2012 Missouri State Champion Plaque &

A Playmat uniquely designed specifically for them.

AND will be Automatically qualified for:

The $50,000 Invitational

For More Information Contact The Saint Charles Shop @ 636.947.8330 -or-