Tony's California Adventure: Sunday - Comic Sunday...

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Man, I'm tired. Welcome back for my recap of Day 5 of the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. To say that this weekend has been an endurance test is a major understatement.

slept in a little today since I was only vying for two more signatures to finish out my weekend. After being dropped off at the Con, I headed to the DC Booth where I bumped into Scott Snyder. I seriously almost ran into the dude every day and finally told him to stop following me. Seriously. It's annoying. Scott was headed to the airport so I thanked him for being absolutely great during the con and that I was ready to head home and keep reading more of his stories. He said he'd be at NYCC and that he would see me then... Stalker.

I hopped in line for Gail Simone and asked her how worried I should be for Barbara Gordon's well being for the upcoming Joker story. Her response? "Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm scaring myself with what I'm writing." Creepy indeed.

We headed up to 6DE for the last time for the DC Meet the Publishers panel. Bob Wayne was moderating, or attempting to with Dan Didio and Jim Lee present and accounted for. The co-publishers recapped the convention announcements, the upcoming new wave of books, and the daily digital issues for anyone who missed anything before. The questions varied between industry specific knowledge to story-based digging and didn't bring out any new answers, but it was more fun than anything to hear each publishers' opinions on personal favorites to personal expectations.

My final signing line was probably my favorite. I forgot to mention that the Fables panel provided each attendee an original Mark Buckingham print that captured a lot of different Fables moments from the last decade. We hopped in line for the signing and chatted amongst ourselves for a while. Once we hit the front, we chatted with the Fables team and discovered that they'd be hitting NYCC in October for the first time. So, with about 3 hours left in the con, Amy and I headed to the infamous Hall H for Sons of Anarchy. We had to endure the panel for the Cleveland Show and... It was one of the stupidest things I had ever witnessed. The questions that were asked weren't great and the panel treated those questions as such, thus creating an awkward and disjointed experience. The SOA panel was much better and came with the first 7 minutes of the season premiere. Ron Perlman was awesome, as usual.

With one hour left, we decided to go home... and by home, I mean the DC Booth. We watched Francis Manapul do a DC University session when possibly my favorite moment of the convention took place. I saw Dan Didio wandering around, so I pulled out my copy of OMAC #1 and called his name. I told him I was bummed he didn't have a signing and showed him the book. He about laughed his head off when he saw it and exclaimed "Finally! We found him! The one person who's attending the convention that bought OMAC #1! Let me sign that thing!" DC ended up posting our picture together on Twitter, thus bringing the convention to a close. We headed over to the Hilton afterwards to take pictures of the 6 Batmobiles outside and tried to pick which one we wanted. To drive home in.

Closing thoughts -

Closing out Year 3 was bittersweet, especially since so many of my friends decided to sit out this year. That said, a lot of fun was still had. I come to this convention each year for the comics side of things, and it's kind of telling about the state if the convention since I look at it from that perspective. I'm a firm believer in that if you come to San Diego because of comics, you'll do a lot and have a lot of fun and great experiences with various creators. However, I still have an increasing concern that the movie/TV/games crowd is starting to take the focus from the spirit of the convention and pollute it with a consumer/black Friday outlook of camping out for panels, exclusives and giveaways. My hope is that SDCC takes a look at everything and works to separate the two more, especially in regards to Hall H. That said, I'll still recommend this convention to everyone I speak to until I'm blue in the face. The convention was a B-, but my personal experience was an A. I came with a lot of books to get signed, and I'm leave with all but 5 of them with ink on them. I can't top that at all.

Thanks to Scott Samson and Rick Tess for the opportunity to share my experience this year with the employees and my fellow customers from The Fantasy Shop, and hopefully anyone outside of St. Louis. I'm preparing for my flight home and am looking forward to doing this again soon!