Tony's California Adventure: Friday - My Feet Are Killing Me

Howdy folks, and welcome to my Day 3 recap of this year's Comic Con International. For me, Day 3 involved walking. Lots of walking. For eight hours straight. With no breaks sitting. And waiting in lines. A few lines. OK, a lot of lines. But! You guys should see my haul. In fact, you will at the bottom of this update, but only some of it. 

My day started at DC, my home away from home, and waiting in line for Kyle Higgins to sign a few issues of Nightwing. Trevor McCarthy was with him and I slightly lamented internally that I should've brought a copy of Gates of Gotham for him to sign. Kyle joked at yesterday's Batman panel about that DC shot him down about a Nightwing mask initiative when we were given our owl masks. I told him that my sister and I would find Bob Wayne and support it, so Kyle responded by handing me a Nightwing-ized version of the owl mask and asked if I wanted it. Score! He signed it, along with Trevor and made it out for my sister. I later had Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque sign it as well. 
After leaving DC, I scoped out Becky Cloonan's table to get an autograph for Conan #1 and to purchase a copy of her Dracula adaptation. I ended up wandering down to the games and studio booths just to see if I could avoid a human tidal wave. It wasn't to bad, but things got hairy when the cast of The Big Bang Theory showed up on top of the WB "tower" to take pictures of people taking pictures of them taking pictures. 
GAH. I did find the Quantum Mechanix booth to see their Firefly, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica props and ship replicas, so that was a plus. 

I then made my way to the Image booth to find out about Ed Brubaker and Scott Snyder's signings, which, turned out to be a genius move on my part because I could then avoid the crazy, ridiculous lines for them at the Marvel and DC booths. I ended up getting a bonus treat from Scott as he whipped out his phone and showed some of Greg Capullo's final Joker designs, but you didn't hear that from me. Then I headed to the 2000 AD booth where Jock was signing and sketching. I had him sign my Batman: The Black Mirror hardcover and had him lay down a sketch on the inside cover in silver sharpie. Beautiful stuff. 

I headed upstairs for Green Lantern & Justice League panel and was left still wondering why they combined the two panels. The answer I received from attending was simple - lack of major content. I think the shipping delay in this week's issue of GL ended up hurting this panel as Geoff couldn't really talk yet about the Black Hand story arc. There was a slip of the tongue about the fall of Guy Gardner, but it was either a mistake or a big him to try and revive interest. The Justice League side of the panel just really hyped up future stories for the JL family of books more so than the actual main JL book. Nothing too groundbreaking at this panel, which was a shame after the two I attended yesterday. 

Leaving the GL/JL panel, I decided to meet up with my sister down at the DC Booth during Darwyn Cooke's DC University session. We ended up splitting again so I could line up for Joe Hill at the IDW Booth and so Amy could grab a seat at the Scott Snyder/Jeff Lemire spotlight panel. This was about 45 minutes before the signing, so when I arrived, I was handed the last person in line sign. Wow. They ended up expanding the line to include another 20 or so folks, but it was still scary. I ended up chatting with someone who showed up at Ballroom 20 at 4am for the Firefly panel. There weren't any giveaways for that panel, but there were lots of tears, apparently. Anyway, I got through the line, chatted with Joe as he signed and personalized my books, and was then on my merry way back upstairs for what would be the best panel of the Con. 

The Scott Snyder/Jeff Lemire Spotlight panel. These were listed individually, but the guys decided to combine them into a two hour chat with each other and an extended Q&A and signing session. Here's what we learned:

Scott decided to become a writer and his parents weren't happy about it. Jeff named Gus from Sweet Tooth after a proposed name for his son, who then ended up being named Gus. Scott was a janitor at Disney World and worked his way up to being Eeyore, Pluto and Buzz Lightyear. Jeff really hated his work on The Atom and Superboy and called both projects mediocre. Scott HATED Greg Capullo at first and almost decided to drop off Batman if Greg didn't. Jeff only wants to write comics and has no interest doing anything else, even though they both have offers for games and whatnot. Scott and Jeff were both told to come to the con dressed as Alan Moore and Grant Morrison by Rich Johnston. Scott told the story of how he got his way with Mike Marts by going out and getting Jock for Detective Comics during CCI 2010 after Scott told Mike that he didn't want to use the artist that was originally assigned to him by editorial. Also, Jock is coming back to illustrate a feature in the main Batman comic. 

At one point, the guys were asked about having editors and Jeff really had to reel in Scott from saying something that could get him in trouble. Eventually, Scott was able to confine his comments down to the fact that working on these characters who are owned by a major company can be tough, so you really have to make sure that the story you're wanting to tell has the same emotional impact of the story you're wanting to tell, even when you're told that a certain character you're wanting to write about is given the "unavailable" status by editorial. 

There was a lot of wine flowing, by the way. It was a bloody excellent panel. 

That wraps up Day 3. I'm heading to bed so I can get up early and hit more panels and avoid the exhibition floor. 

To be continued...