Moonlight Sale this Friday Night!

That's right folks! We're having another of our totally awesome Moonlight Sales this coming Friday (4/1) night starting at 11pm at each of the 4 stores and for two hours (until 1am Saturday Morning) we'll be selling everything in the store for at least 20% Off!

Each store will also be holding additional sales on select items that you won't find out about until the doors open!

This is the time to spend that Tax Return that's been burning a hole in your pocket!

This is the time to check out that comic series that your friends have been trying to convince you to check out for the last six months that you've resisted because it's just not in your budget!

This is the time to propose to the girl of your dreams ... wait ... no ... I think I may have gotten carried away with that last one ... 

This is the time to come see everything that The Fantasy Shop has to offer!

Buy games. Have fun. Read comics. High Fives are always free.