"Do You Guys Carry Games Workshop?" "Yes, Yes We Do!"

It's been a few months now that all of our stores have carried Games Workshop again and we still get the regular question: "Do you guys carry Games Workshop anymore?", and an even more regular occurrence is when someone comes into the store and says "You guys carry GW again?!?!". But, yes we do all carry a wide assortment of GW products again and we are going to make sure that the stock on our shelves stays fresh and updated with regularity as well as making sure that we always have the kind of things in stock that you'd need to get a brand new army off the ground. 

And all the Fantasy Shop Locations will be buying used Games Workshop Miniatures and we will be beginning a "Spare Bits" program at the Saint Charles Store. At any of the four Fantasy Shop locations you will be able to trade in your old Games Workshop Miniatures for Cash or Store Credit. Plastic Miniatures will be bought for 25 Cents a piece and Pewter Miniatures will be bought for 50 Cents a piece with larger miniatures like Tanks/Dreadnoughts/Giants and whatnot being bought for $1-$2 depending on the miniature. Those are the cash prices for the miniatures though if you want Store Credit for the miniatures you can get 30% more for your minis. And coming very soon we will have a random bits program at the Saint Charles Store! That's right there will be boxes of random bits that you can pick through and get 25 Cents a piece. But if you're looking to get rid of old beat up minis or spare bits that have been cluttering up your miniatures case, then come on in!