If Wednesdays Are Like Christmas ...

... Then the Wednesdays when Previews come out are like having Christmas when your family has just won the lottery. It's a saying that I've been proclaiming for years. For comic fans Christmas comes 53 times a year, each week bringing bundles of great new things that you didn't realize that you had always wanted until you actually see it there on the shelf. But on those Wednesdays every month when the new copy of Previews comes out it's like having Christmas and getting to take a peek in the closet for the Christmases yet to come. No matter what my favorite comic of the moment is (right now it might be Chew ... or Invincible ... or maybe Fantastic Four. NO! Wait! I almost forgot S.H.I.E.L.D. ... it's too hard ...) when Previews comes out it's the thing I am the most excited to look at. 

It's a chance to look at what's coming down the line and regardless of how many things get promoted or spoiled on the internet there is still inevitably more than just a handful of things that I have either forgotten are coming out or I overlooked when I first glanced through the Newsarama or Comic Book Resources selection of upcoming Marvel, DC, & Image solicits. And then when you add the rest of the catalog (T-Shirts, Dark Horse, Small Press, Statues, Videos and more ...) it's really like you've never even looked at the magazine to begin with. I mean I knew that Butcher Baker, Righteous Maker #1 was comign out soon, but I still got super thrilled when I saw that it was in Previews this month. I mean it's like hearing about a movie that you know you want to see and then finally seeing the complete Trailer, not just the Teaser, for it.

There is always something in a new issue of Previews that gets me to geek out. This month is no exception, Butcher Baker aside there was, out of left field, the solicitation of The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1 that made me salivate uncontrollably (it also made me glad that I had procrastinated as long as I have on buying the trades of the series)! And I have only flipped through to a few random pages, just think what else I'll find once I really start going through the darn thing! 

Previews is one of those things that I think should be in every comic customer's pull and hold. And I understand that there are plenty of people who don't understand my glee over a giant book of advertisements that you'll wind up just taking to the recycling station. But everytime I see a customer's face light up at the mention of something coming out in a few months that I just showed them in Previews I can't help but think, "I'm only one guy. And I might know your tastes ... but there is bound to be other stuff in here that you'd want if you saw it."

So the next time you're in one of The Fantasy Shops make sure you take a few minutes to check out the most recent issue of Previews ... and then imagine being able to take as much time as you want to peruse it's many Phone Book thin pages in your own home. It'll help you make sure that your local comic shop knows exactly what you want.