Holiday Shopping Season Upon Us: Part 1

First we want to thank everyone who came out to our Second Annual Black Friday Moonlight Sale and made it a great success. The enthusiasm at the sale was incredible and we all hope that you who attended had as good a time as we who were working. 

But I haven't come here to bask in the afterglow of glorious moonlight sales, no good sirs and madams, I have come here to give you ideas for your future Holiday shopping needs! And beyond that to give you ideas of things to procure with your gifted Holiday moneys and gift certificates and gift cards! Just think of me as "Geek Santa" ... Yeah, like  that guy over there on the right ... only way less creepy ... 

The Holiday season is a difficult time for nerds and their loved ones. Being a nerd means that often you are someone who demands instant gratification and so throughout the year when you see something you just buy it for yourself or resign that you will never get it so you try to forget about it. Also, being a nerd means that you often want to try to get a gift for a loved one that will help communicate your love for your hobby to the uninitiated in the hopes that a gifted story or game will get a friend or family member to enjoy, and thereby understand, the things you love. Being the loved one or friend of a nerd means that you have to try to navigate the world of single issues, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, board games, card games, t-shirts, supplies, and more without much in the way of a GPS. These are both difficult situations to be in.

I hope to provide some ideas that would make for great gifts for the uninitiated from comic fans and some great gifts for comic fans from those who are looking for ideas for that lovable geek in their lives:

American Vampire

This is a seriously good book for both the geek in your life, it's also a great book for those who are hoping to get someone into comics. The series follows a new breed of vampire as it takes hold in the American West during the era of the birth of Hollywood. With incredible art by Rafael Albuquerque and great storytelling by relative newcomer to the comics world Scott Snyder the book has the right kind of bite to get everyone excited. With the popularity of Vampires in current pop culture it's certainly bound to grasp hold of plenty of people who might never check out comics. Also since it features the origin story of one of the main characters "Skinner Sweet" penned by horror/thriller legendary author Stephen King it's bound to have appeal to those who are fans of his novels as well. Don't expect the expected as Snyder unveils a whole new kind of threat that evokes a whole different kind of horror at the birth of a new America. 


This is the kind of game that gamers have been waiting around for years to appear. It's got the perfect melding of beginner rules set and advanced tactics and game-play that will get new gamers into games and will keep seasoned gamers from getting bored with stale mechanics. The game has been around for a while and has been popular since it's release. The key to this game is that the base box would be, for most games, the starter game and several expansions. But it was certainly to no one's surprise when further expansions were released for the game and the expansions have done more than just add cards. They have given new flavor to the game with each additional release. I think that if you know someone who doesn't have this game that you'd be in your best interest to get this game for them. And I think they'll like you if you do.

So that's it for today's gift ideas. There'll be more soon though. Look back here every other day for more ideas for what to get your loved ones this Holiday season, because nothing says "I love you and I appreciate all that you bring into my life every year." than giving them something that they won't have to return.