Skip Week Extravaganza!


The Fantasy Shop Proudly Presents: 

Skip Week Extravaganza!

Wednesday & Thursday December 30th & 31st    

Come celebrate the end of 2009
with your favorite comic store!

Since new comics wouldn't be able to make it to every store the week after Christmas Diamond (in conjunction with the publishers and the shipping companies) decided to not have new comics release on the last week of the year. DC decided to release only one title (which retailers will receive the week before but are legally bound not to sell until the 30th). So, with only Blackest Night #6 (that's right! The next issue of the biggest event of the year is being released all on it's lonesome and you know you all want it!) being released on Wednesday December the 30th we have decided to make an event of it!

So come by your local Fantasy Shop to usher out the year and enjoy some great specials and discounts!

All Back Issues will be 50% off!

All Trade Paperbacks will be 10% off!


There will be a Secret Skip Week Extravaganza Sale on Single Issues!
That's right! A Secret Discount! You'll have to come in the store to make sure and find out what we've decided to give to all of our customers as a late Christmas Gift! It's bound to be a great time and I think that it's only right that we thank you all for making 2009 so memorable!

Let's make 2010 even more memorable!