A Great Halloween Weekend For One and All

Empty Boxes Abound at Every Back Issue SaleWell we had another of our famous Back Issue Sales this weekend and if you didn't make it by one of the stores then I assure you that you missed out. Plenty of people were out in droves filling holes in their collections (those were the people wandering around with lists or referring to laptops throughout the weekend) as well as trying out all kind of new stuff that they never thought they needed but at Twenty Five Cents a Piece it was just too difficult to pass up. I think that every back issue sale is analogous to going to the grocery store hungry, you always wind up coming home with stuff that you don't remember putting in your basket and stuff that you don't even know if you'll like but it's always a satisfying experience. Most importantly we had ourselves another Costume Contest that we're going to ask all of you to vote on (Please only one vote per person). If you want to take a look at some pictures from the sale then click HERE. That's also where you'll go to find all of the contestants in our 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Once you've decided on who you want to win the General Category and the Under 13 Category just drop us a line with your votes as well as your name HERE. These people went to a lot of work (some more than others [WOW did we get some cool costumes this year]) *Addendum - The voting will be open until Tuesday November the 10th 

Voting has ended.