Fantasy Shop St. Charles Presents Spring Used Gaming Auction

That’s Right, the time has come once again to rid yourself of clutter, and get some Store Credit!

We will be taking material at ALL locations starting Wednesday February 24th and running through Monday February 29th. The business hours of each location are listed on their store page here on the site.

We will also continue to have Silent Bidding Online starting on Tuesday March 8th and running through Friday March 11th. We'll be posting a video to detail how to place Silent Bids in a few weeks. Keep your eyes here for further details concerning in store Auction preview and in store silent bidding.

The Auction will be held at the St. Charles location and the schedule is as follows:
Saturday, March 12th – 
Noon: All Miniatures Games
5pm: Role Playing Games

Sunday, March 13th – 
1pm: Board Games and Other Gaming

Welcome to Our New Website!

The Fantasy Shop, a place to go for all the freshest comics and games, was behind the times in a big way. Now, our website has taken a trip in the TARDIS and joined the 21st century!

You've found us in the same old place,, but now you can view the entire site on your mobile device. Each store has its own page to reflect its personality and point you in the right direction. Hopefully an easy-to-use and WAY more aesthetically-pleasing site  makes your friendly neighborhood comic shop that much more enjoyable!

The Fantasy Shop St. Charles has MOVED!

The St. Charles store has moved from it's old location in St. Charles Plaza to it's new location in the Dierberg's Bogey Hills plaza on Zumbehl.

The address is 2125 Zumbehl Rd. St. Charles, MO 63303 (however Google currenly points to the wrong point on their map when looking up the location so if you're looking for directions click on this LINK to get directions).

The hours will remain the same and the store will be the same giant size you've come to know and love.

Keep your eyes on Facebook for more details:

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir PPTQ Weekend!

The St. Charles Store is Proud to Present:

 Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQs) are the first step for new players on their path to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. By winning a Preliminary PTQ, you will qualify for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ).

Tournaments will be run at Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level).

Saturday, February 21st | Format: Sealed Deck | $30 Entry Reg: 9:00 am | Start: 10:00 am

Saturday, February 21st | Format: Standard | $25 Entry Reg: 1:00 pm | Start: 2:00 pm

Sunday, February 22nd | Format: Modern | $25 Entry Reg: 12:00 pm | Start: 1:00 pm

Prize Payout:

1st Place: 1 booster box PLUS an invitation to participate in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ).

2nd - 4th: 12 packs each. 5th- 8th: 9 packs each.

Additional prizes based on attendance.

Khans of Tarkir Game Day & A StarCity Invitational Qualifier

This weekend is Pro-Tour Khans of Tarkir and for the first time since 2012 a Standard Pro-Tour event will be played without Shocklands, Sphinx's Revelations, or Pack Rats. The rotation shakes more than just the standard metagame but also the way that Magic will work into the future as it will be the last time that a 3 set Block and a Core Set will all rotate out at the same time, thanks to the change in the way that Wizards will be releasing sets in the future. If you want to see what the future of Standard looks like you should see what the pros decide to play, and you can watch all of that HERE

But once the dust settles and the cards shuffle their last in Honolulu this weekend there will be more Magic to play. Because next weekend (10/18 - 10/19) is Khans of Tarkir Game Day. And all 4 of the Fantasy Shop locations will be hosting Game Day events as they usually do, but this time there is an additional reward beyond the full art foils for everyone who comes in the top 4 of their local Game Day event. 

St. Charles:


South County:


St. Charles will be running it's very first StarCity Invitational Qualifier on Sunday the 19th of October (the winner of which will get $250 in cash!). And if you place in the top 4 of one of the Game Day events then you get to play in the StarCity IQ event ... For free. That means that 16 lucky players who invest $5 in the event entry of the Game Day Event of their local shop and play hard and have luck fall their way will get to play in a $30 event for free! 

So you'll have the opportunity to test the field and make last minute adjustments after Game Day to make sure that you have the best chance to put your best foot forward during the SCGIQ.


Another innovation from The Fantasy Shop!

Fall Used Gaming Auction Silent Bidding Opens!

Fall Used Gaming Auction & Silent Bid Tutorial

9/27/14 Used Gaming Auction - Miniatures  12:00pm - 5:00pm
9/27/14 Used Gaming Auction - Roleplaying Games  5:00pm - 12:00am
9/28/14 Used Gaming Auction - Board, Card, and Other Games  1:00pm - 5:00pm

This weekend is the Used Gaming Auction and once again we've got a whole week of Silent Bidding and perusing the Auction Gallery for you this time around. Over on the right hand side you'll see "Auction Gallery" where you can see all the items in the auction this coming weeknd at Saint Charles. Also, you'll find the "Auction Silent Bids" tab where you can place silent bids in the lead up to the auction. from now until Friday, September 26th at 11:59pm you'll be able to place silent bids on the items in the auction.
Here is a quick tutorial Video to make sure that you're bid is placed correctly and you have the opportunity to win the items you want to win!
Be sure to include the "A" or "(2)" 
We look forward to seeing you!


Fall Used Gaming Auction

That’s Right the time has come once again to rid yourself of clutter and get yourself some Store Credit!


We will be taking material at ALL locations starting Thursday September 11th and through Tuesday September 16th.

We will, once again, have a week of Online Silent Bidding leading up to the auction as we have for the last few auctions.

Silent Bidding Online begins Monday September 22nd and runs through Friday September 26th.

The actual auctions occur at The St. Charles store and will be on Saturday September 27th at Noon where we will feature All Miniatures Games, and at 5pm where we will feature Role Playing Games and all accompanying material and on Sunday September 28th at 1pm we will feature Board Games and Other Gaming!