Fall Used Gaming Auction Silent Bidding is CLOSED!

SILENT BIDDING IS NOW CLOSED. Feel free to utilize the auction galleries during the live auction at the St. charles store to keep track of what is up for bid at any moment.

Silent Bidding.png

After accepting all of the material we could convince you all to give us for this auction the time has come for the silent bidding to begin!

Below you’ll find the video that walks you through the process of placing silent bids:

The links for the auction galleries can be found below:




And in order to place bids you will need to follow this link:


Of special note, we have always requested that bids be placed only in whole dollar amounts. With this auction we will be rounding any bids placed to whole dollar amounts ($x.49 or less will be rounded down, $x.50 or higher will be rounded up).

Halloween Comic Fest 2019

Halloween ComicFest is the comic book industry’s premiere fall event – Every year, on the last Saturday in October, the industry comes together to give away free comics and encourage both curious, first-time comic book readers and seasoned comic book fans to flock to the best place in the comic book community: local comic shops. Each one is unique in its community, with a style and personality all its own, and each one carries a full line of spooky comics, graphic novels, toys and related products. Local comic shops are the hubs of our community, where fans can come together to discover new comics, make lifelong friends, and find a sense of commonality. Halloween Comic Fest is October 26th, 2019!

To celebrate Halloween Comic Fest 2019, here are some of our SPOOKY deals leading up to the 26th!

Our normal 50 cent comics area will be 25 CENTS all month long!

Week 1: All image comics / small press are 15% / RPGS 15% off
Week 2: All DC/Marvel are 15% off / Statues 15% off
Week 3: All keys are 15% off / GW supply and Warhammer stuff 15% off
Week 4: All Back issues are half off / spooky board games are 20% off / Horror trades are 20% off

Magic The Gathering: Throne of Eldraine Pre-Release


Buy a booster box of Throne of Eldraine during Pre-Release Weekend and get your choice of One Pre-Release entry, Three Throne of Eldraine drafts or a Collectors' edition pack.

Registration begins 30 minutes before each event!
FRIDAY, September 27th

7:30 PM - Sealed Event: 5 Rounds Only
FREE Pizza & soda provided for everyone playing in the tournament

SATURDAY, September 28th

9:30 AM – Sealed Event:
The top four players will also get an Ultra Pro Premium Binder!
FREE donuts, bagels, and refreshments will be provided for everyone playing in the tournament.

1:30 PM – Sealed Event:
The top four players will also get 3 Standard FNM entries OR 1 Draft FNM entry.

5:30 PM – Two-Headed Giant
Bring a new player Event! Increased number of prizes into the prize pool. If you are new to Magic, know someone who is, or just don’t want all the competition to get prizes, this event is for you! We’re distributing 2/3 of the prizes evenly between all of the players.
4 Round Cap
SUNDAY, September 29th

10:30 AM – Two-Headed Giant
Extra prize of a “Couple’s Case.” The case will have an assortment of sleeves, play mats, and/or deck boxes for the top team to share.
Also, come get free donuts, bagels, and refreshments!

3:30 PM – Sealed Event
In addition to regular prize support we are offering an extra prize: first place will win a Core Set 2020 Booster Box!
4 Round Cap 1st place winner based off tie breakers
Sealed Events: $30
Two-Headed Giant: $50 ($25 per player)

Prize Payout:
2 & 1/2 Booster packs into the prize pool. Payout based on attendance according to record.

Every time you play, you earn a chance for a FREE Throne of Eldraine booster box! Every event entry from this pre-release weekend will get you a raffle entry for a booster box. Winner will be drawn Monday, the 30th and they can pick up their box when we open on release day, October 4th.

Used Gaming Auction Fall 2019

Want to get a game that's out of print? Want to get it for quite the deal? Come on in to the Fantasy Shop St. Charles and bid on your favorite games you've always wanted to own!

The Auction itself will be the weekend of Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd with online bidding going live October 29th at www.fantasyshoponline.com

*We will announce which days will feature which categories at a later date*

Used Gaming Auction Intake Fall 2019

It's time for the next Fall Used Gaming Auction.

First things first you need to bring us your old gaming stuffs and things. You can bring it to any of the Fantasy Shop locations. Helpful hints: bring index cards or some other way to convey the most amount of information about the product as possible, help us sell it.

When: Thursday October 3rd until 8th
Where: All of the Fantasy Shops
How: Bring your old games and gaming products
ie: RPG Books, Minis, Board Games
Why: Earn store credit to buy New Games

The Auction itself will be the Weekend of Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd with online bidding going live October 29th.

*We will announce which days will feature which categories at a later date*


Our Mascot, Wallace the Dragon

Untitled design.png

Have you ever wondered why our mascot is a dragon, or why his name is Wallace?  Wonder no more, I’m here to answer all of your burning questions.  (Yes, that was a dragon joke.) 

For those of you who have been around our shops for many years, you may remember the weird hand reaching down logo that used to adorn our company tee shirts.  So why did we make the switch?  When you say the Fantasy Shop what comes to mind?  For most of the people who don’t frequent our shops, the image that comes to mind is a different kind of store.  Not really the image we wanted for our stores.

I asked Dave, the owner, about what drove him to the logo we currently use.  He said, “It was a combination of things. Primarily the desire to send a different message quick and easily that we were not an "Adult" store... visually suggest otherwise without having to state comics and games. Coupled with a desire for a logo that sent the message that we were fun and not just for kids either. We worked with a professional computer artist and went back and forth for a week or two playing with the shape and details. I think we did a good job!”  What do you think?

But why is his name Wallace?  That one is the easiest to answer.  Our company is owned by Dave and Kelli Wallace.

Wallace the Dragon is the heart and soul of all we do. He’s had his portrait drawn by famous comic artists (Kevin Mellon, Brian Hurtt, and Matt Kindt). And, in the near future, we will have other pictures of him to use in the store.