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November Marks The Fantasy Shop's 35th Birthday! And We'll Be Celebrating With a Moonlight Sale!

Not a lot of comic book or gaming stores make it into their 35th year of business. There are lots of opportunities to fail in any business. So when a business in any industry hits a momentous anniversary it's certainly reason to celebrate.

We'll be doing just that over the next few weeks. 

This Saturday, the 19th of November...

is Local Comic Shop Day and there will be some great offerings on hand at all of our stores. Limited edition items only available in brick & mortar retail locations. It's the second year of this event and there are a lot of cool items that we'll be happy to help you add to your collections!

Next Friday, the 25th of November...

from 11 PM - 1 AM, at all of our stores, we'll be having a Moonlight Sale to help you finish out your Black Friday Shopping and get an early start on your Small Business Saturday shopping! Everything in the stores will be at least 20% off!

For more details about each of the events and for other information including further information regarding the moving of our Florissant store to Creve Coeur make sure to check out the Facebook pages of each of the locations (St. Charles, Florissant/Creve Couer, Maplewood, & South County)!

Magic: Born of the Gods Game Day at Florissant

The Florissant Fantasy Shop had 30 players show up for Born of the Gods Game Day on Saturday, March 1st. While there were a handful of "stock" decklists amongst the crowd, for the most part we have a lot of brewers and tweakers amongst our ranks. This was also the first time we've recorded "feature matches" here, which is something we'll be continuing to do for Saturday Afternoon Magic and other Magic events moving forward. After five rounds, here's how the Top 8 shook out: Florissant Fantasy Shop Born of the Gods Gameday, Top8 Decklists

Back With A Bullet(s)

I've been trying to figure out how to talk about this and not come across as a gushing, ridiculous fanboy and it's much harder than I would have imagined. Especially when I consider the fact that it wasn't until it was coming back that I had really realized how much I had missed Stray Bullets.

But sometimes life is like that.

David Lapham's Stray Bullets hit me at what must have been just about the perfect time. Because when I finally gave it a day in court I couldn't stop reading it. I devoured it. It started with the second hardcover collection "Somewhere Out West" which begins with the second half of a story that had started in the first hardcover "The Innocence of Nihilism" and even with that being the case I could not possibly have cared less. I loved being dumped down into the middle of a story that was so crazy that I couldn't help but be locked in. 

I had often heard of Stray Bullets being spoken in the same breath as Strangers in Paradise, Eightball, Black Hole, Optic Nerve, and many of the other incredible independent black and white comics of the 90s that were starting to get collected during the early 2000s and as a result were becoming more available. 

Stray Bullets was a unique story in that it was a period piece (set mostly in the 1970s) as well as being darkly twisted noir that lingered more in the world of suburbia than of the dark underbelly of the world of crime. 

Lapham had experience in the world of comics prior to setting out on his own and creating Stray Bullets having worked on several books as an artist for comics written by Jim Shooter at Valiant Comics (most notably Harbinger) in the early 90s as well as some books at Defiant Comics (most notably Warriors of Plasm). His art style lends itself to the gritty content of both the books he had done previously as well as the work he began crafting in Stray Bullets.

And in 2005 it ended ... the siren call of making money enough to support his family wound up being too strong to resist and he left his creation behind for work from Marvel (Daredevil vs. Punisher, Terror, Inc., Spider-Man: With Great Power, DeadpoolMAX, and Age of Apocalypse) & DC (Detective Comics & Tales of the Unexpected), Vertigo (Young Liars, Fables, Silverfish, American Splendor) as well as Top Cow (The Darkness) and others additionally working quite a bit for Avatar Press (on titles like Crossed, Caligula, Ferals, and Dan, The Unharmable). 

But finally, after more than 8 years of waiting we loyal fans will finally get the return of the book we've all loved and been waiting for.

Stray Bullets returns. And it doesn't just return one issue at a time. Oh, no. It comes back with a colossal bang. The long awaited issue #41 hits the shelves with the first issue of an all new story: Stray Bullets: Killers #1. AND!, AND!, The Stray Bullets: Uber Alles Trade Paperback which collects all 41 published issues all in one book!

The time has come friends. The time has come to once again stare deeply into the dark abyss where the human heart usually resides and let the despair of everyday life at it's most grim and desperate. The time has come to once again come to grips with the simple things that can take life down a dark path ... the extra curricular activities of teenagers, the secret lives of housewives, and the poor decisions of average businessmen.

The time has come to return to the pages of Stray Bullets.

Great Games for Gifts this Holiday Season!

With the Holidays approaching it is a great time to bring the family together and play a fun board game. Now if you are like me you are very competitive and don’t like to lose. So playing games with your family can be hard because everyone tries to gang up on you and play the “I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Josh” game. That all changed though once I started working here and discovered the magic of cooperative board games. So this year I thought I might go ahead and recommend some of my favorite cooperative board games to all of you in order to save you some frustration and just have some good holiday fun. 


Escape (The Curse of The Temple)

This game is for the people who need just a fast and fun game to play with your family this holiday season. It is a real time 10 minute dice rolling board game. You are all basically treasure hunters trying escape before you are locked away in this temple forever. This game is great for beginners or more advanced players because it comes with three different difficulty settings. As I said before it’s a dice rolling game and you move and discover rooms and try and unlock the door to get out by rolling the correct type of dice needed to complete the goal. In this game if you go off by yourself there is a good chance you will lock up your dice and be stuck so you have to work together and if all of you don’t make it out then you all lose.  It’s quick, crazy and fun a great game for everyone. 


This game takes a little more skill to master than the first one on my list. You all play different roles in a global outbreak of multiple diseases. Everyone has to work together to try and cure all of them before things get too bad and the world is taken over by disease. To do this you must move around to different cities and uses your allotted actions per turn to try and do what is best each round to control the outbreaks. This game also has different difficulties but like I said before it’s pretty hard. You should be prepared to lose but the better you guys get as a team the more likely you will be able to come up with a strategy to be the best disease busters you can be. It also has two expansions available that add new roles and new diseases and even a solo mode to the game.


Elder Sign

Elder Sign is set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft where each of you plays as a different investigator with a special power to help you lock away an old one (evil bad guy like Cthulhu) by finding the elusive elder signs within a museum. This is another type of dice rolling game where you move your character to one of the rooms in the museum and try and complete all the tasks shown on the particular card. By completing these tasks you can get special items or clues to help you do things easier. It’s a really fun game that really makes you think as a group on which rooms to tackle first and who should do what in order to stop the old one from rising. 

 Betrayal at the House on the Hill

This last game is kind of cooperative and kind of competitive but it’s my favorite game so we are going to talk about it. This game is kind of like Scooby-Doo meets Cabin in the Woods. You are all a bunch of explorers who kind of know each other and you heard about this haunted house and decide to go look at it. It’s a tile flipping game so you build the house as you explore each room. So you all start off looking in rooms and weird stuff happens some good some bad and then sometime during the game you find out one of you is a traitor (it’s totally random based on the room someone is in and what card was drawn).  Then the traitor sometimes will get monsters to help them or sometime is super boosted in their power.  So the survivors must work together to stop the traitor and the traitor is trying to get the survivors.  There are 50 different scenarios in this game so its replay ability is very good. I love this game and have gotten all of my friends hooked.

With all of these games if you have any questions about them feel free to ask anyone at The Fantasy Shops around town. Or better yet come visit me at the South County Store on a slow day and bring some friends and I can show y’all how to play. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Holiday. 

Fantasy Shop St Charles Upcoming Events

Warhammer 40K Toys for Tots Tournament

Getting excited for Christmas, well not everyone has as many toys as us but here is a chance to give back.

St. Charles Fantasy Shop will be hosting a Warhammer 40k 1000 Point Tournament to sponsor a toy drive for Toys for Tots.

When: Dec 7th
Time: Sign in at 11:00 to 11:30 Dice should start rolling at 12:00
What you need: 1000 Point army from a current codex of Warhammer 40k
Cost: You must bring a BRAND NEW toy in its packaging worth $15

Event details:
-3 Rounds of 40k Goodness
-Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Painted and multiple attendance prizes
-Games Workshop and Fantasy Shop will be providing $500 worth of prize support for this tournament that will be spread out for Overall Scoring and Raffle items for just attending.
-Gateway Gamers will be providing two 5 man squads of MK 4 Heresy Style Marines that will be raffled off throughout the day.
-Lunch is also being provided to all those that participate.

Sign ups
This is very important that we get people to sign up for this event ahead of time. We have 50 spots available. So all participants who sign up prior to Dec 4th will get a swag bag provided by Gateway Gamers that will include $10 minimum worth of bases and scenery pieces.
Click this link to see additional details and to sign up


Game Day #50

Date: Saturday December 14th, 2013
Time: NOON – 11 PM
Where: The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO
Cost:  $20

What you get for your money:
•    Access to over 300 games to play, table space, and plenty of players to play against.
•    Lunch – Subs from Mr. Goodcents
•    Dinner – Pizza from Pizza Hut
•    Snacks – Candy, cookies, chips, veggies, soda, juice, water, etc – available all day!
•    Door prizes – Quantities are DOUBLED for the holiday edition!  Door prizes given out at 3 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.
•    Raffle tickets – Everyone who attends receives 6 raffle tickets – additional raffle tickets can be purchased ($1 per ticket, or 6 for $5) – Raffles quantities will also be DOUBLED!  Raffle drawings will take place at 8 PM.    
•    The first 125 people who sign up get to choose an ornament from our Christmas tree.  Each ornament will contain a gift certificate ($5- $100) and some other surprise gifts.
•    Each participant will receive a $5 coupon for use in the shop that day – minimum $25 purchase.
•    Everyone who attends is welcome to bring a game (or games) they would like to play or just come and learn a new game.

The Fantasy Shop is Proud To Present:

Fall Used Gaming Auction & Silent Bid Tutorial

11/16/13 Used Gaming Auction - Miniatures  12:00pm - 5:00pm
11/16/13 Used Gaming Auction - Roleplaying Games 5:00pm - 12:00am
11/17/13 Used Gaming Auction - Board, Card, and Other Games 1:00pm - 5:00pm

This weekend is the Used Gaming Auction and we've got a whole week of Silent Bidding and perusing the Auction Gallery for you this time around. Over on the right hand side you'll see "Auction Gallery" where you can see all the items in the auction this coming weeknd at Saint Charles. Also, you'll find the "Auction Silent Bids" tab where you can place silent bids in the lead up to the auction. from now until Friday, November 15th at 11:59pm you'll be able to place silent bids on the items in the auction.

Here is a quick tutorial Video to make sure that you're bid is placed correctly and you have the opportunity to win the items you want to win!

All items that end in "A" are lots where there was too much material to fit in to one picture.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Fantasy Shop is Proud to Present a Weekend Full of Events!

Fantasy Shop Saint Charles

Customer Bazaar this Saturday, October 19th 12pm – 7pm 

Come one, come all! It’s time again for our Customer Bazaar. Do you have stuff to sell? This is the perfect opportunity to clear out your basement or attic of unwanted comics, games, statues, miniatures, and pretty much anything else related to what the Fantasy Shop carries. All you have to do is sign up, pay for your table, and any money you make during the bazaar is yours to keep! Sign up with your neighborhood friendly clerk soon, each table costs $25, and table space is limited to sixteen tables. We hope to see you there - at the St. Charles location!


All 4 Locations

Magic Game Day this Sunday, October 19 & 20

South County - Saturday, October 19th. Registration starts @ 6pm
Florissant - Sunday, October 20th. Registration starts @12pm
St. Charles - Sunday, October 20th. Registration starts @12pm
Maplewood - TBA 

Standard Constructed Format. Tournament Entry Fee: $5.00. Prizes based on Attendance. All participants receive an exclusive Game Day Promo Card (while supplies last). The top 8 players each receive an exclusive full-art Promo Card. In addition, the first place winner of Theros Game Day will receive an exclusive Champion Playmat. For more information about Magic the Gathering and MTG Game Day check out:


The Fantasy Shop Charles is Proud to Present: Game Day #48 - August 10th!

Cost: $15 (Covers food, beverages, and 6 raffle tickets) 
Time: Noon - 11:00PM
Everyone who attends is welcome to bring a game (or games) they would like to play or just come and learn a new game.
Food will be provided. Snacks, sodas, subs for lunch, and a pizza buffet later in the evening. Food will be set up in the game area as a buffet.
Door prizes will be awarded (number based on attendance). Door prizes to be awarded at approximately 3:00PM, 6:00PM, and 8:00PM.
We will also raffle off a few games (based on attendance), raffle tickets are 1 for $1 and 6 for $5. Raffle drawings will take place at 8:00 PM.
Each participant will receive a $5 coupon for use in the shop.
Over 300 games will be available for use. Table space for over 100 people will be available!

The Fantasy Shop Is Proud to Present: Magic The Gathering Core Set 2014 Pre-Release!

Each of the 4 Fantasy Shop locations will have multiple events to play in throughout the weekend and in multiple formats! Play in Sealed Events and build your deck from 6 boosters of M14 and face down great players in fun matches! Bring a friend to one of the 2-Headed Giant Events and build 2 decks from 8 boosters of M14 and square off against other teams in 2-on-2 single game matches! Either way, participate in a fun event where you can play with the cards before you can buy them!

Here are links to the events for each of the stores:


South County:



Used Gaming Auction 6/29/13 - 6/30/13

Hello All.

The Used Gaming Auction this weekend and there is a whole lot of great material that will be up on the auction block. We're going to be trying some new things with the auction and we wanted to make everyone aware of the things we've got going on. We've got all of the Miniature Games at Noon on Saturday the 29th, all Roleplaying Games and related material and miniatures at 5pm on Saturday the 29th and all Board Games, Card Games and Other Gaming Material to be auctioned at 1pm on Sunday the 30th. 

We're going to have everything available to preview at the Saint Charles store later Thursday night the 27th and will be on display throughout the day on Friday the 28th. You can make Silent Bids in person at the Saint Charles store.

We'll also be accepting digital silent bids at this link: /auction-silent-bids/ (Please submit each item you'd like to place a Silent Bid on individually).

You'll be able to see photos of the items on which you can place Silent Bids in the galleries linked below:

Miniatures Gaming

Roleplaying Games and Related Material

Board Games, Card Games, and Other Gaming